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Do you remember a time owning a business used to be a lot of fun, but now it’s more daunting and stressful than enjoyable? It feels like the tasks never end, and you can’t really see progress on the goals you want to hit in your business or in life.

Whether business or personal; I create customized workflows/tools that are fun and easy to use through ClickUp. A versatile app to replace them all for accomplishing tasks, goals, and more.  No more having anxiety about what you need to accomplish that day, or the progress you are making in your business.

My Services

ClickUp Consulting

Need to operate more efficiently? Get expert consulting on setting up ClickUp, best practices, team training, automation, and more.

AI Solutions

Need advanced AI solutions for your business? I can implement AI-driven processes and automations that streamline operations.

Team Development

Create roles & expectations for contractors or employees to operate efficiently within your business, or find missing resources your team needs.

Process Development

Create documentation and standard operating procedures you and your team can use for projects and accomplishing goals or tasks.

Strategy and Execution

I will help you create blueprints, reports, and other tools to execute projects or ideas. This includes connecting you to appropriate resources if I'm not the resource you need.

Automations & Integrations

Automate tedious tasks or connect different systems together. I use Make/Integromat and Zapier to create seamless connections between different software platforms.

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Drew Griffiths

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I call Colorado home and I’ve been a business owner working with virtual teams and project management systems for over 10 years. My skillset caters to small businesses running in the modern age of technology & working from home. I have an extensive background in virtual business operations, project management software, automation services, process development, and team management.

My mission is to create work environments where all generations can enjoy working together towards common goals.

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